It is important to note that all of Justice Brownstone's royalties from the sale of his book have been directed to the Children's Wish Foundation, and he will not be receiving any remuneration by reason of his involvement in Family Matters. Justice Brownstone does NOT endorse any of the opinions, firms, or people that appear on the set or advertise on the show or the familymatterstv.com website.

In J. Brownstone's own words:

"I am making no money from this show. I have directed the production company to direct a portion of the proceeds from the show to children’s charities. You will from time to time meet various lawyers, mental health professionals, and other experts on the show. None of them will be receiving any payment for being on the show. This is a purely educational show. I will be asking these experts to talk frankly about their work and about the issues we will be discussing, and to give us their opinions on a variety of issues. But as a sitting judge, I am not going to be expressing many of my own opinions, because I must remain impartial and neutral. I will be doing my best to explore important issues in an unbiased, balanced and hopefully refreshing way. I’m going to ask them the questions that I think you would want to ask, based on my experiences with litigants in the courtroom. But I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not adopting the opinions or the positions of guests. From time to time there may be advertisers and sponsors helping to finance the show. I have absolutely nothing to do with that side of the operation, and in no way am I endorsing any of the businesses or charities that have chosen to advertise on this show. In particular, none of the law firms who have paid for advertising on the show appear at the North Toronto Family Court in Toronto, where I preside."