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Elder Abuse

What is elder abuse? What does it entail? Most of us dream of living to a ripe old age, living a life of comfort and security, surrounded by loving family and friends. But sadly, this is not the reality for many seniors, who have become victims of elder abuse. What is elder abuse? Who are the perpetrators? What can be done about it? And how can we protect ourselves before it’s too late?
Justice Brownstone interviews Ron Winter, author of 'Granny Snatching;' Carol Pickup (registered nurse); and James Clapp (lawyer) on the topic of elder abuse.

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By Family Matters - November 8, 2010


  • Jodi said

    Elder abuse is being blocked from seeing your grandchild. This causes emotion stress to seniors and often leads to depression and other health risks. The perpetrators are the childs parent or parents. There is an epidemic of parents abusing their parental powers to hurt seniors.

  • Deanna Sherman said

    there are many grandparents being blocked from seeing their grandchildren in Ontario.<br />It is almost an epidemic. I am very concerned about the future generation who are now being raised not to be prejuced, but at the same time "hate your own family, as they are not fit to be in touch with in any way". Many grandparents have been asking for change in the law, many are reluctant to speak about it, as their hearts are broken, and they feel people will think badly of them. There are aunts and uncles suffering too. But, What about the children?:

  • Mark Pommer said

    The people who were interviewed are right on the mark, especially about seniors being in denial, and greed being a motivation. But, elder abuse is far more than just what this show portrays. <br /><br />Take a look at this article that was published a couple months ago about a Victoria, BC woman who was horribly mistreated, not just by her family but by the institution and the health authorities, even the police. Why is this being allowed to happen???<br /><br />This woman's story is frightening because it could happen to anyone of our parents or even us: <br /><br />http://www.focusonline.ca/?q=node/249

  • Jack said

    Elder Abuse begins when you become a grandparent !

    Why is everyone concerned about the 70 year old being abused and not the 55 year old being abused.

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