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Prenups: What are they? Why get one?

Should you have a prenup or co-habitation agreement? Everybody knows that the divorce rate is almost 40% in Canada and almost 50% in the United States, and that’s just the people that get married. We don’t even know what the breakup rate is for couples who just live together in common law relationships, but it could be even higher than 50%. And yet, very few couples enter into contracts before getting married or moving in with each other. Why is that?
Justice Brownstone interviews two lawyers from Victoria, BC to find out whether it's worth getting a prenuptial agreement before marriage.

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By Family Matters - November 8, 2010


  • Rose Nylan said

    I am a new fan of "Family Matters" . A friend told me and my fiance to watch this episode after we announced our engagement. We both feel that this particular episode should be mandatory viewing for every couple before they decide to get married or even live together. This was the single best educational show I have ever seen and I hope every marriage counsellor, family lawyer, social worker, etc will make their clients watch this episode. I haven't seen the other episodes yet but plan to watch them all. I very much hope that this show will be a success because it is so desperately needed in our society and there are no other judges like Judge Brownstone who can communicate in such an easily understandable way and who have the courage to "go public" the way he has. Congratulations to the producers for having the foresight and vision to bring a show like this to the internet. It's the best educational talk show I've ever seen and if it were a daily show on TV, I think I would watch it every day.

  • Anita said

    Dear Justice Brownstone,<br />Loved this topic as its the dreaded document for anyone in love.<br />There are Financial and Emotional issues that tie a couple in love together. This was well adressed by the Judice and the Lawyers in this segment. The Judge &amp; Lawyers touched on the emotional value of the relationship and that also could be discussed during pre nup talks ...as far as I am concerned Stability in Heart and Soul is just as important as Finances...if you get what I am saying here . My feelings are, that if you love someone enough to love and marry them &amp; take care of them , then just do it... life hold no guarantees. It was a free choice you made with each other. Much success with this programme. I will recommend it to all my friends.

  • Marc H said

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  • Walter Stevens said

    I'm considering hiring some <a href="http://www.coadanddavison.ca/about-coad-and-davison.html">lawyers in Victoria bc</a> to protect our business against a suit being filed by an employee of ours.

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