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Roy Green Show today

 J. Brownstone on Roy Green's radio show re: Texas judge who beat his daughter 3:30pm (ET). ow.ly/1zR7UF

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By admin - November 5, 2011

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  • Sandie Banni said

    Hi Roy.
    Love your show. Would you please let your listeners know that they can ask BC Hydro to go on a late installation list for delaying a smart meter installation. I have done lots of research on the Smart Metres and attended the Meeting recently held in Maple Ridge. There is no doubt that there are significant long term health risks associated with these meters and people are going to be exposed wherever they are as the radiation from these metres extends a long way out from the meter. BC Hydro say we have had wireless exposure long term for years. That is not true. Only in the last few years have the younger generation had so many I-phones and wireless games. We really don't have enough data to know about the long term health safety of these metres and they should be on hold until we do. Residents can call BC Hydro (if they can get through as lines are choked) and also put a do not install sign on their gas meter. You can download one off the internet or make your own. Put in a zip-loc bag or laminate it to protect from rain and snow. PLEASE ROY WOULD YOU BRING THIS TO PEOPLES ATTENTION. My understanding is they are installing in Maple Ridge soon. There have been over 400 house fires associated with smart metres. Thanks, Sandie

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