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When do Children Need Lawyers?

Justice Brownstone speaks with two lawyers from the Ontario Office of the Children's Lawyer (Katina Kavassalis & Dan Goldberg) about when children need their own lawyer; and what it is like to represent children. This is a rare opportunity to meet two lawyers that you would normally not get to hear from.

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By Family Matters - August 30, 2010


  • Family Matters TV with Justice Harvey Brownstone « Simon Borys' Blog said

    [...] Fundamentals of Child Support and When do Children Need Lawyers? You can click on the links to watch the [...]

  • John R Robertson said

    I found that the social worker becomes bias and tends to believe one parent over the other and it appears one party can deceive his true character from the social worker. especially a parent who has had a previous divorce.

  • Kendall Danforth said

    I can tell you they DON'T need a lawyer appointed to them when the child is in danger and suicidal, they are only helping them die sooner. Whats wrong with this world?

  • Jane said

    Bring grandparents back into the child's life.
    What's really going on today is that young parents are taking drugs and they call the police on grandparents whom may report them to Children's aid society on the pretence that there was an argument or the grands are toxic and abusive. (if we look for the bad in people we will surely find it)
    I think everyone knows this BUT our law makers and justice system don't know how to handle this touchy subject. Children's rights need to be ENFORCED and the sooner the better...for the kids and for society as a whole. Every child NEEDS a lawyer to ensure that he/she is safe. Every child needs a grandma and grandpa to make sure he/she is safe. Grandparents today do not hide the fact that their adult child takes drugs and may be neglecting or abusive to their child. That's the real problem!

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